Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our productive garden

Evie & Jonty
A garden bed we made last week by ripping up some grass- mandarin and orange trees at the back, and lettuce, tomato, chives, strawberries, silverbeet, carrots and parsley seedlings.
An established and very heavy laden healthy lemon tree.
A start on a native garden
Our berry patch- left to right: blueberry, thornless loganberry, 2 raspberries, and strawberries along the front
Evie pointing to some lettuce
Evie standing between a nectarine tree and a dwarf apple tree

I finally have some photos of our garden, thanks to my dad who brought around some pea straw on the weekend. It's looking a bit prettier now. Evie enjoys being in the garden, as does our cat Jonty who came to live with us now we're back in Geelong. Above is Evie next to our (Bacon variety) Avocado tree.