Thursday, November 27, 2008

2 posts in 1 day- this afternoon's efforts

I couldn't resist this cute 'Echino' patchwork fabric with planes on it- Evie loves planes (and boats and trains!) I thought she'd like a "stirt" made from it. There's enough left over for a pair of pants for next year, or whenever she grows out of size 2. I made the skirt big for her to grow into, it is almost down to her ankles! I'm not a fan of little girls in long skirts- just looks like it restricts their movement too much, so she probably won't wear it much this summer. It was super easy to make, being a patchwork print, you just cut out along the lines, and everything's straight. I like a quick project :)

The hedgehog just wanted to be in the photo ;)

One chest of drawers all ready for baby

This is what I've been working on this week- we picked up this raw pine chest of drawers last week we had on lay-buy for the baby's clothes and nappies, Andrew put the first coat of paint on, and I did the next two. I was trying not to paint as I have strange cravings whilst pregnant (smells I think I might like to eat!), and yes, mineral turpentine I am strangely attracted to amongst other things. I didn't drink it though, don't worry :)
So anyway, it's all painted and put back together, so I've started to put all the little socks, bodysuits, nighties, hats, clothes, bibs, nappies etc away, ready for baby's arrival (less than 4 weeks to go!). It seems that this child will not need any more clothes, I have discovered I have way more than I thought, including a lot of gender neutral summer gear that Evie hardly wore. I've just handwashed about a gazillion little tiny tops, bodysuits and nighties that have spew stains on them- you know the stains that aren't there when you store them, but their yellowness comes out over time. I figured it was a good drying day today, with plenty of sunshine to get rid of the stains. They are however, covered in thrip now :) Oh well.
I'm starting to feel more organised now, as I'm almost finished Christmas shopping (and wrapping!), and we got a new car seat for Evie on the weekend, so the baby will have her old seat to come home in. Now all we need is a new pusher for 2, and we're set, but we can get that after the baby is born, as the baby can go in the sling for a while.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Garden Update

What a difference a month makes in the garden! The rainbow chard has gone berserk, and I've had to chop the heads off the coriander twice in the last week. There are 3 roma tomato plants hiding behind the coriander, and they are doing pretty well too. We've just planted zucchini and canteloupe in the lower bed at the front. I've been collecting about 2 buckets of clean water a day from running hot water for face/bum washers, so that's mostly what keeps the vegies alive, the thick layer of mulch really helps too.
Just had to add a self portrait of Evie, she likes to takes pictures when she can get hold of the camera :)