Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another month goes by...

 Wow, nearly a whole month since I last posted!  School holidays have come and gone, and we're in the depths of winter.  One of our original 3 Isa brown chickens died a few weeks ago, so we decided to add another 2 chickens, to bring the flock back up to 8.  This is Moss and Sage, our 2 new Australorp hybrids (crossed with Isa Browns), purchased at the Newtown Farmer's market.  They've been treated pretty badly by the others so far, and are currently hiding.
 Our citrus trees are bringing some colour and flavour to our garden, the above picture is of our mandarin tree, which has small, but very tasty fruit.
 This is our orange tree, which we'll leave a while longer before we pick them, they should grown a bit bigger.
 The lemon tree never fails, even after we gave it a big haircut last year.
 Interesting fungus in the woodpile next to the wood oven
 A bit of winter cheer- paperwhite jonquils
 And in the kitchen- freshly made mozzarella, and chicken stock