Sunday, May 26, 2013

Big Little upcycled coat

I bought this upcycled blanket coat embroidered with dandelions a while ago from Big Little, and have been meaning to share photos.  Well, it's finally cold enough to wear a woolly coat, so here's my super model wearing the delightful warm coat.  Thanks Lisa!

March against Monsanto rally

There was a great turnout at the rally yesterday and some very inspirational speakers, even the weather turned out to be pleasant.  The girls and I have just had a little bit of fun in the supermarket, putting stickers on foods that contain GMO's, but are unlabelled as such, because it's not currently a requirement.  It was a good lesson for Evie to learn about GMO's in a simplified way, and I'm thankful that we rarely buy these foods.  No more Betty Crocker icing for us!  Evie put most of her stickers on Coke and Pepsi products, and Carnation condensed/evaporated milk products.
There's a great article here about how Agroecological farming can double food production in 10 years.  We don't need GMO's to feed the world, we have enough food already.  We just need to fix the distribution, and stop the wastage.

Friday, May 24, 2013

March against Monsanto

I'll be marching against Monsanto on Saturday (Melbourne, 2-4pm, outside the State Library), and this is why

Will you be marching?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bill McKibben on Lateline tonight

Bill McKibben from (The aim of 350 parts CO2 per million or below) will be interviewed by Tony Jones on Lateline at 10:30pm tonight on ABC (Australia).  This is ahead of his "Do the maths" tour of Australia in early June.  Andrew and I will be going to his presentation in Melbourne on the 7th June, you can get your tickets here.  And a great article about it here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making homegrown pumpkin soup

I cut open a homegrown butternut pumpkin on the weekend, it was so bright orange inside.  The photos don't show the intensity of the colour.  We only got about 3 pumpkins off the vine, and this one was the best size, the other 2 are much smaller.  It didn't get much water over the summer, but I saved some rinse water buckets for the vine once it was setting fruit, because it was looking promising.  I think it's the first successful pumpkin growing season I've had, even though the yield was small.  I had better luck with a cold climate tolerant sweet potato, so I'll grow more of those next summer.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mama Geelong

There's a great new blog in town called Mama Geelong.  As the name suggests, it's a blog for Geelong parents, highlighting local activities and lifestyle.  My shop Evie & Liv has been featured on the blog here.  They've also blogged about my new favourite organic food store, Organic Mojo.