Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bathroom Reno - Day 7 or 8 or something

Slowly but surely getting there. I tried my hand at grouting today, got half a wall done. Not a fun job!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bathroom Reno - Day 5

Bathroom Reno - Day 5 by anryan3215
Bathroom Reno - Day 5, a photo by anryan3215 on Flickr.

The tiling began at about 5:30pm yesterday! A full day of tiling today I think!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Ours has been full of children vomiting and continuing bathroom renovations. What a fun mix. Evie discovered the Easter bunny had been at about 11pm last night- very excited, even after a spew. 4 or 5 loads of washing later, I'm ready to call it a day. Takeaway tonight please.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Before again

Just after we moved in


00012 by anryan3215
00012, a photo by anryan3215 on Flickr.

Part of the original bathroom

Bathroom Reno - End of Day 2

What en exciting way to spend your Easter weekend- renovating your bathroom! It was high time to pull out the terrazzo, in favour of something shiny and new (and waterproof!) You can see above the newly installed bath some dark areas where water was damaging the walls, through to the kitchen on the other side. We'll be tiling up to the window level, so there should be no chance of that happening again. This bathroom seems to be original to the 1953 build of the house. I'll pop up a before pic soon.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New door snake

I was inspired by Lara's new door snake that she made from her screen printed (Ink & Spindle) fabrics, and whipped this up before lunch today. My old door snake I hastily made just after we moved in here in Winter 2008, I have had to fix many times- it was made of quilter's cotton, and I didn't double stitch it (rice explosions were frequent!). So this new one is made from hemp/cotton fabrics, a bit more durable than quilter's cotton, and all double stitched. This should see us through many a winter.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A little shop update

Echino Story skirt

Just a few items I've been making over the last few weeks, finally had some time and nice weather to photograph and upload to Etsy. I had to have a play with my favourites from the new Echino range, and I've sold a few pairs of upcycled pants lately, so I need to make a few more pairs. Evie thinks she'd like to keep all 3 items she modelled for me, I guess we have similar taste!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I chose ink & spindle's kangaroo paw print in red, and it arrived yesterday. I immediately set to work recovering this old beauty. I removed the old fabric Sunday night, sanded and beeswax polished the wood on Monday, and spent most of the day yesterday reupholstering, finishing the hand stitched back piece before going to bed last night. I'm quite happy with the result, though I don't think I'll get into reupholstery any time soon! I took some better photos with the DSLR, but I can't seem to upload them, it's a bit temperamental.
I like this sort of recycling/upcycling- free, good quality old wooden chair + carbon neutral hand screen printed local fabric, which is designed to last.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good finds

Today I found this chair for free in someone's front yard not far from my house, on the way home from kinder. And old lady's house had recently been sold, and today was moving day. They left a few things in the front yard with a 'Free' sign on them. I saw this chair and knew it was coming home with me, so I lifted it on top of the pusher, and kept walking home. I've been wanting a nice chair to reupholster in Ink & Spindle fabric for a while now. Now I just have to choose a fabric...
And I picked up this mohair scarf yesterday in an op shop for $3. It's a pink/pale blue combo that I might turn into a vest for Evie, though she likes it as a scarf. She likes the rose fabric on the chair above too.