Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Endless Summer

 Livinia picking apricots in the new year
 Seems I lost my blogging mojo over summer, but here are some productive garden snapshots from the last 3 months.  We had a bounty of apricots and nectarines, the trees were well pollinated by the bees in spring.
 A little bit of soap making, lavender and peppermint
 And beeswax candlemaking from our beeswax and our eggshells
 Some of our almond harvest... scorched almonds for Easter?
 Golden delicious apples have been picked this week
 Butternut pumpkins coming along
 The second flush of raspberries ready for autumn
 Banana rockmelon, hopefully will ripen before the cold sets in
 Some of our 43kg honey harvest from 3 hives this season
 Garden looking good after the huge rains we got on January 27.  The sedums are at their best and covered in bees at the moment.