Sunday, February 22, 2015

February garden

 It is getting closer to the end of summer, and we're getting some good harvests, and starting the autumn clean up.  We're enjoying our first blooms from this dwarf flowering gum, after planting it nearly a year ago, I'm looking forward to it growing to it's full height, and being covered in blossom every summer.
 The pumpkins are taking over, though not sure if we'll get a lot of pumpkins from them.
 Avocados continue to get bigger
 Freshly planted dwarf black mulberry
 The new bed chugging along- 35 degrees celcius today, so it's a bit wilty
 Cantaloupe Minnesota Midget
 Watermelon moon & stars
 Backyard beds
 My new echinacea flannelette pyjamas- I'm having a break from making new items for Etsy, and making a few things for myself.  These will be great for winter.
 Liv with Violet
 The next flush of raspberries!
 Andrew's cantaloupe
 Bee enjoying an artichoke flower
Burr comb
The bees are exploding in population now, enjoying tasty treats in our garden