Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rocketing along

 The garden has that spring explosion going on at the moment, some warm days, mixed with a bit of rain here and there makes it all lush and green, with some bright flowers thrown in to make it look cheery.  My first tomatoes of the season don't look too far away, little yellow cherry tomatoes when they are ripe.
 The first of the raspberries will certainly be ready before Christmas

 Potatoes have taken off after a soak of rain early last week
 Garlic will be ready soon as well
 Nice little crop of carrots
 Apricots looking happy.  Our fruit trees have been establishing themselves for the last few years, we should start to see some harvests from now on.
 Ripe strawberries!
 And a new member of the family, Violet the mini lop rabbit, an early birthday present for Liv

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spring garden

 The garden is coming to life at this time of year, some plants have already blossomed, some are yet to.  The poppies have started to pop, and the never fail bright orange calendula are making a pretty show.
 My chioggia beetroots are ready for picking, we've been enjoying them roasted.  Much nicer than pickled in vinegar beetroots!
 Garlic is looking good
 The more seeds these calendula drop, the more we'll have in the garden
 Flowering cherry blossoms are very pretty at this time of year
 Crimson flowering broad beans
 Sage starting to flower
 Our new beds are filling up, next job is to make gravel paths between them, and out to the wood oven
 Dwarf pear tree blossoming
 Avocado tree full of blossom and new growth, can't wait until it produces!
Our laundry windowsill is where we raise seeds, we need to some better shelving to fit it all in there.  It's been great to be able to potter in the garden these school holidays, with no time constraints, the kids have been planting seeds in the garden too, and playing outside a lot.  I've made soap, and baked a lot, and sewed a bit too.  We need to be home a fair bit to achieve all this, but that's ok with me.