Sunday, November 1, 2015

November garden in the morning

 After an unusually hot and dry October, yesterday we woke to thunder and lightning and lots of rain, such a relief.  There was 17mm in the rain gauge by the end of the day, and the garden is much happier for it.

 My experiment for the summer- growing in straw bales.  The idea is that the straw insulates against extreme heat and retains water, it breaks down over summer, and you're left with some good humus rich soil.  I added compost into the planting hole.

 Pumpkins coming up
 The garden bed that not much grew in, with lots of manure and mulch is growing much better.
 Lots of apricots on the tree
 Lots of almonds on the tree
Lots of raspberries and (not pictured here) lots of boysenberries, which I think will be an early crop this year due to the heat.