Monday, October 27, 2008

Steiner open day and fair

We went to the Freshwater Creek Steiner school spring fair and open day on Saturday, I'm regretful that we didn't think to take the camera :( There were chooks, calves, sheep & lambs, and a pony that Evie was quite enamoured with, and we were able to have a look around a few classrooms, and market stalls. I was staggered at the amount of fruit trees dotted around the place, and there were plenty of vegie and herb gardens, a real sensory experience for the children who attend the school. It was great to be able to buy the above books in "real life", rather than over the internet, and of course we didn't have to pay postage, a major bonus. Your average book shop doesn't tend to stock books like these, many books on the Steiner book lists are Dutch or German, and have been translated. I hope we can make it there again next year.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great news

A new study confirming what modern cloth nappy users knew all along...cloth is better for the environment!

A little bit of sewing...

I had a chance and some motivation to do some sewing over the last couple of days, so I made this little pinafore in size 2 , and 2 of the little skirts in size 1-3. They are in my Etsy shop now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Slowly getting Christmas sorted

This is today's efforts- a Santa sack for the new baby. It is the same design as one I made for Evie 2 years ago, with different fabric. I thought I'd better have a few gifts for the baby- more for Evie's sake as the baby won't know any different. We're planning to get a locally made raw pine toy stove/oven for Evie...that reminds me, I need to go and get some potatoes out of the griller, she was "cooking" before. I'm trying to keep Christmas simple for us this year with the baby due only a few days before, so I'm aiming to buy/make the same gifts for female and male family members. And I've made a start :)

30 weeks pregnant yesterday, 10 to go!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Evie's Spring Lyre

This is Evie's Spring Lyre from Palumba on Etsy, that I bought earlier this year. It is made from cherry wood, and has a beautiful sound (when it's in tune!) It will be great when Evie (and her sibling) can play us a few tunes.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spring nature table

I finally got into gear and put in the basics for our first nature table (it's only a month into spring:) The blossom is from our flowering cherries (says my nana- we weren't exactly sure what they were), and we had to have a few bunnies for spring, the 3 at the front are Ostheimer, and the one at the back is a finger puppet from Folkmanis. The little fairy at the front right is from haddy2dogs on Etsy. We'll have to see what we can find seed pod/ pine cone wise when we are out walking, to add to the table.