Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spring garden

 The garden is coming to life at this time of year, some plants have already blossomed, some are yet to.  The poppies have started to pop, and the never fail bright orange calendula are making a pretty show.
 My chioggia beetroots are ready for picking, we've been enjoying them roasted.  Much nicer than pickled in vinegar beetroots!
 Garlic is looking good
 The more seeds these calendula drop, the more we'll have in the garden
 Flowering cherry blossoms are very pretty at this time of year
 Crimson flowering broad beans
 Sage starting to flower
 Our new beds are filling up, next job is to make gravel paths between them, and out to the wood oven
 Dwarf pear tree blossoming
 Avocado tree full of blossom and new growth, can't wait until it produces!
Our laundry windowsill is where we raise seeds, we need to some better shelving to fit it all in there.  It's been great to be able to potter in the garden these school holidays, with no time constraints, the kids have been planting seeds in the garden too, and playing outside a lot.  I've made soap, and baked a lot, and sewed a bit too.  We need to be home a fair bit to achieve all this, but that's ok with me.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A trip to Lambley gardens

 Yesterday, with the kids having a sleep over at my parent's house, we decided to hit the road, and visit Lambley gardens and nursery, in Ascot, near Clunes in central Victoria.  It was a beautiful day, and the bees were buzzing in the avenue of flowering cherries.
 There is a mix of edibles and ornamentals, with an emphasis on dry tolerant plants.
 The homestead

A nice day out, didn't buy any plants, but I had ordered some for my new garden beds from there a little while ago, and they were very speedy with delivery.  I think it would be great to visit in autumn too.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Climate Action rally

 Here we are, yet again having a rally for action on climate change.  Today, in Geelong, we were part of a worldwide event to call on our leaders to act now on climate change.  Our prime minister decided not to attend the UN's emergency Climate Change Summit in New York.
 The girls and I walked/rode bikes down to the rally at Geelong's waterfront.  There was a good turnout, and it was a beautiful day.
I wonder how much longer we'll have to attend events like this?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cat thyme

I've never seen a cat go crazy for cat mint, but 2 little pots of cat thyme from Diggers arrived this morning, and I just noticed that Jonty has discovered them.  One has been knocked off the back porch, the other is being, hmm,  enjoyed by her.  Better get out and plant them before they are destroyed.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spring is (almost) here!

 Yet another month goes by.  We've been experiencing some very spring-like weather, which has been great to get the garden moving along.  We've added 4 new garden beds in the backyard, for a little extra growing space for both edibles and some herbaceous perennials to attract bees and beneficial bugs.  We'll get rid of some more grass, by adding some gravel paths.  It will also remove the dust bowl effect when the grass dies off in summer, leaving sandy soil
 We have also just had solar heating installed to the front of our house (the highest panels you see in the above photo).  The front of our house (the bedrooms) was a bit cold, but also had a mould problem in winter due to the walls being made of concrete bricks with render over them- they simply didn't breathe.  This should provide enough warmth and ventilation to dry out excess moisture.

 Grape bud burst, a little later this year than last.
 A cute little pottery birdbath I found in an op shop in Anglesea.  The sunlight washes out the colours a bit, but it's like a watercolour.  It's probably not meant to be a birdbath, but that's ok.
 First blue egg of the season today!
Daffodils never fail to brighten your day.
And that is August in a nutshell.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another month goes by...

 Wow, nearly a whole month since I last posted!  School holidays have come and gone, and we're in the depths of winter.  One of our original 3 Isa brown chickens died a few weeks ago, so we decided to add another 2 chickens, to bring the flock back up to 8.  This is Moss and Sage, our 2 new Australorp hybrids (crossed with Isa Browns), purchased at the Newtown Farmer's market.  They've been treated pretty badly by the others so far, and are currently hiding.
 Our citrus trees are bringing some colour and flavour to our garden, the above picture is of our mandarin tree, which has small, but very tasty fruit.
 This is our orange tree, which we'll leave a while longer before we pick them, they should grown a bit bigger.
 The lemon tree never fails, even after we gave it a big haircut last year.
 Interesting fungus in the woodpile next to the wood oven
 A bit of winter cheer- paperwhite jonquils
 And in the kitchen- freshly made mozzarella, and chicken stock

Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy birthday Evie!

 Evie turned 8 yesterday, on a cold wintery day, good for being inside.  They day she was born there was a frost- I remember because the back deck was slippery on our way out to the hospital.

 A musical marble run will be the highlight of the school holidays I think, it has little xylophone segments that can be slotted in in various combinations.  They play a note as the marble runs over them.
It can go together with her basic Quadrilla set, to make a bigger one.  There are endless possibilities with this game, and it should keep them entertained for years to come.  Happy birthday Evie!