Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spring is (almost) here!

 Yet another month goes by.  We've been experiencing some very spring-like weather, which has been great to get the garden moving along.  We've added 4 new garden beds in the backyard, for a little extra growing space for both edibles and some herbaceous perennials to attract bees and beneficial bugs.  We'll get rid of some more grass, by adding some gravel paths.  It will also remove the dust bowl effect when the grass dies off in summer, leaving sandy soil
 We have also just had solar heating installed to the front of our house (the highest panels you see in the above photo).  The front of our house (the bedrooms) was a bit cold, but also had a mould problem in winter due to the walls being made of concrete bricks with render over them- they simply didn't breathe.  This should provide enough warmth and ventilation to dry out excess moisture.

 Grape bud burst, a little later this year than last.
 A cute little pottery birdbath I found in an op shop in Anglesea.  The sunlight washes out the colours a bit, but it's like a watercolour.  It's probably not meant to be a birdbath, but that's ok.
 First blue egg of the season today!
Daffodils never fail to brighten your day.
And that is August in a nutshell.