Monday, March 16, 2015

Double glazing

We had our back windows and door replaced today, with timber framed double glazing.  Our old sliding door had become quite difficult to open and close, and last year I discovered a one inch by about 1cm gap in the top of one of the frames, which would let in hot or cold air depending on the season, and spiders I'm sure.  I plugged it up with cotton wool then, but things should be far more efficient now.  They are the windows/door for our lounge and dining area, which can get quite hot in summer, especially in the mid afternoon.  I'm sure a lot of winter heating went literally out the window too.  I'm having trouble loading a before photo, but I'll put it up soon if I can.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Broody chickens

 I really thought I'd notice if this was going on.  I was a bit shocked to find this chicken sitting on 15 eggs, hidden under the pumpkin vines.  She's been escaping every day, which was annoying, I just thought she'd figured out how to get out, and so she kept repeating it because it was fun.  We've attempted to block the gap in the fencing, but she was determined.  One egg per day for 15 days.  Today was the day to start sitting on them, and that's how I found her, hadn't seen her since this morning.
Better do the float check on this lot!