Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too many bunny rugs =

...One pair of pyjama pants! We ended up with a few too many bunny rugs for Livinia, so I decided to whip up a pair of winter pyjama pants for Evie this afternoon. Livinia is having a good long sleep this afternoon (something I'm sure Evie never did when she was tiny), and Evie has just fallen asleep on the couch (yay!), so I've had a little bit of spare time to get crafty. On a 36 degree day. Making flannalette PJ pants. Yup. Anyway, I'll head into Target at some stage and buy a cotton/wool spencer for the top half, too easy. I had Evie try them on, but by the time I got the camera out, she was taking them off,and once they're off, it's incredibly difficult to get them back on. So I ventured out into the heat to take this photo for you :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Don't you love the scenes that kids make with their toys? I think the Evi doll riding the reindeer and the "gnome" riding the horse is pretty cute. The "gnome" is one of the seven dwarves that I mistakenly called gnomes when I gave them to Evie, the name instantly stuck, so it's Snow White and the seven gnomes I guess. Possibly more politically correct. By the way, the pink "gnome" is missing, anyone know of his whereabouts?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The great zucchini glut

There comes a time every summer in the vegie patch that there will be a glut of something. At the moment in our patch, it's zucchinis. Turn your back and a small one turns into a very, very large one. Now zucchini is not something I'll sit down and eat a plate full of, and neither will Andrew, so we have to be creative and find things to put it into. We've been putting a few into curries and giving some away, but today I thought I'd bake zucchini bread. It's more of a cake, quite similar to carrot cake, very nice. Unfortunately it only used up one large zucchini, not two as the recipe states (2 cups of grated zucchini). The recipe makes 2 loaf sized cakes, which is great when you have a newborn, as one goes in the freezer for later. Zucchini slice will be on the menu this week I'm sure, just as soon as I buy some more (local free range) eggs. On the plus side, zucchini plants provide much produce for very little input, and in times of drought, that's a huge benefit.
Now it might be time to look for tomato recipes, there are a LOT of green tomatoes on our 4 plants, that are starting to ripen, and with this hot weather in Victoria, the ripening will be happening very soon...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 weeks

Livinia is 4 weeks old today (it seems she can count with her fingers already), here she is in her Utiku wool soaker (lanolised nappy cover).

Little Sparrow

This is "Sparrow", a Moonchild Studio doll, made by Berrie Wren Bowen from USA. We gave her to Evie as a present from Livinia when she was born (4 weeks ago today!) Sparrow now has a lovely handmade wooden high chair, that Evie received for Christmas from her aunt, uncle and cousins. Thanks guys!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Summer nature table

I've finally put together a summer nature table after putting the nativity scene away- we don't seem to have many surfaces for decoration in this house, and Christmas decorations took any available space we had. We had to put our hall table in the garage as our hall isn't big enough for it :( There's the Ostheimer ducks, pond and bridge, Kinder Kram boat, Gerda Muller Summer book, and 2 little mermaids from here:


My 28th birthday went by in a bit of a blur on Saturday, we went to my aunty's 60th birthday party, her birthday was the day before. Andrew and I got to go out for lunch yesterday, Livinia tagged along, and slept the whole time. They are much easier to take out at this age :) There's a few more photos of the girls on our Flickr page.