Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New door snake

I was inspired by Lara's new door snake that she made from her screen printed (Ink & Spindle) fabrics, and whipped this up before lunch today. My old door snake I hastily made just after we moved in here in Winter 2008, I have had to fix many times- it was made of quilter's cotton, and I didn't double stitch it (rice explosions were frequent!). So this new one is made from hemp/cotton fabrics, a bit more durable than quilter's cotton, and all double stitched. This should see us through many a winter.


Vic said...

What did you fill it with? I have to make a few & hear different stories about what is the best filling!

Alicia said...

Hi Vic, I filled it with rice, but only because that's what I filled the old one with, and I just tipped it from the old one into the new one. You could use lentils or anything that gives it a little weight.