Sunday, August 16, 2015

Honey time

 Andrew pulled out 3 full frames today, they're now sitting in a colander draining out slowly.
 The kids enjoyed a taste

 The almond tree is in full blossom now, and the bees are all over it.  I planted another almond tree earlier this year, because they are the first trees to blossom, and we like almonds!

 This year I've been working on soil improvement, particularly areas that have been very sandy and hydrophobic, and difficult to grow things in.  I've added biochar, followed by aged manures, and a Natrakelp soil wetter, made from kelp.  I've planted a row of sedums (autumn joy) in the above bed, and some agastache 'sweet lili' and salvia rosenwein to fill up the bed, as well as lamb's ears and aloe vera at the back.  This bed grows olive trees, but was hard to keep anything else alive in there.  Throughout the garden I've added 26 agastaches and salvias for the bees, and their drought tolerance.
 The gardens are ready for spring
 This bed is also hard to grow in, so with some soil amendments, I'm hoping that will change.  I've planted lupins for nitrogen fixing, (and they're pretty), wall flowers along the back as winter food for bees, aquilegia in the shady corner, clary sage for bees and beauty, and divided up a few yarrows and scattered them around.  I'll put in some productive plants along the front once the weather warms up.
 A couple of our avocados, we've been enjoying them this winter
A new batch of rose geranium and patchouli soap, good marbling this time.