Saturday, April 12, 2008

Handmade toys and turkish delight

I've had a bit of a forced blogging break due to technical difficulties with our card reader- can't blog without pictures...and Mum's visiting at the moment, so it's a little busier around here. Andrew wanted me to blog about his Turkish delight- he made it himself! And it's rather delicious, not bad for a first attempt. I can see many more batches being made in various flavours.
I thought I'd also share a photo of some of the softies I've made over the last year. From left to right is a Moopy (like a rabbit) designed by Nest studio, a dolly inspired by Hop Skip Jump toys (they always sell out within seconds of being listed on Etsy, so I don't have much chance of buying one!) and a "Little Kitty" designed by Melly and Me. I've made 8 Little Kitties so far, the pattern is really easy for such cute results. There's still a fair bit of work in them though. I just like picking out fabrics to make their little dresses in :) Oh, and I guess I made that little softie on the left, her name is Evie and I like to dress her too!

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Ginger_nut said...

Great to see what a loverly young girl Evie has become. The softies are adorable - you have done a fantastic job. I am in awe and really get to know my sewing machine better to see if I can make anything that cute.

oh - and the turkish delight looks very gourmet and delish (but being the sugar-addict I am, I'd prefer some choc with it). Lovely to see the whole family has a perchant for the making-from-scratch :)