Monday, October 13, 2008

Slowly getting Christmas sorted

This is today's efforts- a Santa sack for the new baby. It is the same design as one I made for Evie 2 years ago, with different fabric. I thought I'd better have a few gifts for the baby- more for Evie's sake as the baby won't know any different. We're planning to get a locally made raw pine toy stove/oven for Evie...that reminds me, I need to go and get some potatoes out of the griller, she was "cooking" before. I'm trying to keep Christmas simple for us this year with the baby due only a few days before, so I'm aiming to buy/make the same gifts for female and male family members. And I've made a start :)

30 weeks pregnant yesterday, 10 to go!


Ruth said...

That's a beautiful set of gifts for your new little baby! We have very similar taste in things! You probably don't need any more gifts, but you might like these little crocheted rattles from OllieRose:

I just bought the fresh picked flower one for my little niece and its so lovely!

Ruth xx

Stacy said...

What great pressies! I just bought that same rattle for my nephew. Is it made by Camden Rose?