Thursday, November 27, 2008

One chest of drawers all ready for baby

This is what I've been working on this week- we picked up this raw pine chest of drawers last week we had on lay-buy for the baby's clothes and nappies, Andrew put the first coat of paint on, and I did the next two. I was trying not to paint as I have strange cravings whilst pregnant (smells I think I might like to eat!), and yes, mineral turpentine I am strangely attracted to amongst other things. I didn't drink it though, don't worry :)
So anyway, it's all painted and put back together, so I've started to put all the little socks, bodysuits, nighties, hats, clothes, bibs, nappies etc away, ready for baby's arrival (less than 4 weeks to go!). It seems that this child will not need any more clothes, I have discovered I have way more than I thought, including a lot of gender neutral summer gear that Evie hardly wore. I've just handwashed about a gazillion little tiny tops, bodysuits and nighties that have spew stains on them- you know the stains that aren't there when you store them, but their yellowness comes out over time. I figured it was a good drying day today, with plenty of sunshine to get rid of the stains. They are however, covered in thrip now :) Oh well.
I'm starting to feel more organised now, as I'm almost finished Christmas shopping (and wrapping!), and we got a new car seat for Evie on the weekend, so the baby will have her old seat to come home in. Now all we need is a new pusher for 2, and we're set, but we can get that after the baby is born, as the baby can go in the sling for a while.

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Poppy and Mei said...

4 weeks! Any day now! (Hope I didn't jinx ya there...)
My friend had strange cravings too, plaster walls & cigerette butts! I know, totally gross. Oh & paper. She craved that too...o_O XXxx