Monday, February 23, 2009

Garden progress

We started drawing up plans of what we wanted to do with the back section of our garden (from the back of the shed to the back fence) about 6 weeks ago, and things are now on the go. We have very sandy soil on the surface, and as you can see, in combination with drought, lawn doesn't stand a chance. We have plans to put in a water tank by next summer, and I think expansive lawns are a waste of space anyway, so we're planting out natives in this area, and will get some mulch very soon. We also put in a garden seat on the weekend, as we had our 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday, and the traditional gift was wood, so that's what we bought for ourselves. You can see some red gum fence posts on the right of the photo, my dad put them in for us, we are putting screens along this section to make a private garden. We still have to get a few more plants, and stepping stones as well.
This is an immature mandarin (clementine) fruit. While the rest of the garden burned in the 45 degree days, the citrus seemed to like it, putting out a fresh lot of flowers.

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