Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baking bread with children

This book arrived yesterday, I had to put it to good use today, so we made.......
Cinnamon rolls (or snails according to Evie)
They turned out pretty well for our first attempt, and they taste pretty good too. I'll try to make them smaller next time I think, then we'll have more :) She was pretty keen to use that nice big knife all by herself. She had a little help from me though. I convinced her to keep her clothes on this time, helps that it's a bit chilly outside.


Corrie said...

oh yummy! where did you get the book??? I love that cooking is a great activity for keira and makes something yummy at the same time! this morning we had matching harrods aprons making a cake!

now I think you need to get back to spotlight!

Alicia said...

I got the book from they have free worldwide delivery, and seem to always have the cheapest price on books. Spotlight is on the other side of town for me :(