Sunday, November 29, 2009


My dad spent this afternoon constructing a sandpit in our backyard for the girls Christmas present. It will get some sand in it next weekend. Andrew has finished installing the rainwater tank now, and in this last week, has almost filled up- that's 4,500 litres of water for the garden. Should be a bit easier to grow our own food this summer.
Liv is becoming more mobile now, she's figured out how to get up the step to the kitchen (in order to chase the cat). 2 1/2 weeks until she's 1! Eek!

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Bron said...

LOVE the sandpit picture.

Now for a trip to the op shop for some fun sandpit toys that won't fade and crack in the sun! (and the thrill of spending two dollars and leaving with a bag full!!)

Less than 3 weeks til we're down!!