Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Belle and Boo love

We received a gorgeous package from Belle & Boo yesterday, including an outfit for Evie, and a Boo wall sticker (gotta love wall art that you can just stick on rather than get out the masonry drill to get through the concrete walls!) I'd like to get the girls a print each for Christmas as I'm decorating their room at the moment, ready for them to share when Liv gets her own bed. A built in robe will be coming soon, very excited!
So here they are together
And someone else wanted her photo taken!

I hope to take some better photos when we have our DSLR replaced.


karen said...

how cute, what a nice etsy find. love your blog (just discovered it while searching buntspechte toys) The kids clothes you make are adorable!

Alicia said...

Thanks Karen :)

belleandboostudio said...

your girls are beautiful!