Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I chose ink & spindle's kangaroo paw print in red, and it arrived yesterday. I immediately set to work recovering this old beauty. I removed the old fabric Sunday night, sanded and beeswax polished the wood on Monday, and spent most of the day yesterday reupholstering, finishing the hand stitched back piece before going to bed last night. I'm quite happy with the result, though I don't think I'll get into reupholstery any time soon! I took some better photos with the DSLR, but I can't seem to upload them, it's a bit temperamental.
I like this sort of recycling/upcycling- free, good quality old wooden chair + carbon neutral hand screen printed local fabric, which is designed to last.


Bec said...


Vic said...

That is great! I've done a few furniture recons in my time but none nearly as professional looking!

Alicia said...

Thanks guys, it's not that professional looking if you look closely!