Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winter solstice

A candle for yesterday's winter solstice. Last night was spent hovering over Evie with a high temperature, as she slept on and off, and mostly refused water. Kiddie medicine did not help the temperature, which was a bit unnerving. She's a bit flat this morning, but eating potato chips/crisps for breakfast- terrible, but she wasn't going to eat anything else, I don't normally have them in the house.
Jasmine in June? I pinched this jasmine that was hanging over my friend Alison's house (didn't think you'd mind Ali, you think it smells like cat's pee right?) as it is flowering at the wrong time of year. I have it in my kitchen, and when I walk in there my brain keeps thinking it's spring for some reason. I love the smell of jasmine, but it shouldn't be flowering now. I saw jonquils flowering a few weeks ago too.

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