Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bits and bobs

Owl & baby from Bride & Wolfe

"I wish I was a real girl" wall hanging by LoveHate, from Design Doctor
Flying ducks from Delilah Devine

I've been doing a little decorating around the house (hopefully Andrew will see this before he boards a plane to come home so he won't be shocked!), there is also a small section of wall paper behind the TV that I'm not sure how to photograph well (not that the above photos are great). After 3 years in this house (we got the keys 8/8/08), I'm really feeling the need to make it ours, with a few quirky features. Actually, I'm getting sick of the word quirky after Josh & Jenna have used it so much on The Block
Everything you see here is from Australian artists, and handmade.
Might have to post some more photos later, have a kids party to attend...

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