Tuesday, June 19, 2012

8 is enough!

 Meet our 2 new chooks, Myrtle and Pepper.  They are barred Plymouth rock chickens.  They arrived late Sunday afternoon, and 2 hours later, one of them was gone, assumed over a fence.  She must have been spooked by one of the other chooks giving her a hard time.  Liv & I put flyers in a few letterboxes in surrounding houses yesterday, and there was a phone call this morning- she was 3 houses down the road.  So she's now safely back with her friend who was looking a bit lonely (they tend to stay in their little groups of breeds).  And a wing has been clipped.  No more flying, Pepper!  They are a hefty bird, but beautiful to look at, and will lay eggs during winter.  These 2 are at point of lay, so there should be plentiful eggs soon.


Ali said...

What beautiful hens! x

Darren (Green Change) said...

I love those new hens.

We've got all Australorps - a bit boring looks-wise, but they're good foragers, good mums, and good for both meat and eggs.

We've also got pekin, Indian runner, and muscovy ducks. Messy, but lots of fun!