Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Almost Spring

 Potatoes, back after frost damage
 Broccoli sprouts after the main crop has been harvested

 Buds are bursting (nectarine and grape vine)

 Raspberry canes- I lifted them this year and replanted them in two half wine barrels to contain them.
 Betty is laying her beautiful blue eggs again, we only had one from her about a week or two after she arrived at the start of May.  There was a traffic jam in the nesting box (lawn mower catcher) this morning.  For some reason they only lay in one of the two lawn mower catchers in the chook run, but after one of the plymouth rock's went broody, I thought it was time to persuade them to use the other one too.  Some fresh straw and a couple of wooden eggs from the kids toys, and voila, suddenly more enticing to lay eggs in.
 One cheeky chicken who always escapes
 One of two kiwi fruit vines from Ceres environment park's nursery.  We got two for the price of one as all bare rooted trees were 50% off.  You need a male and a female kiwi to get fruit.
The beginnings of Andrew's spring time project, a wood oven.  The concrete slab will be poured tomorrow, all going to plan.  Stay tuned...


Evansflock Family said...

I realise this i a older post but i was just wondering how your raspberries did in the wine barrel planters? I have a few and was thinking of doing the same with mine

Alicia said...

The raspberries in the wine barrel failed, but only because we didn't drill holes in the bottom of the barrel and they drowned. I've found a better place for raspberries since then.