Tuesday, February 26, 2013

End of summer garden tour

 Sedums flowering with a border of lavender cotton.  The sedums are covered with bees most of the time, which is great for the garden. 
 Newly emptied potato bed, about to be planted with daikon and broccoli
 The chillis and capsicums are the best we've ever grown, must be the manure and compost combined with the reflective heat from the brick path.
 One tiny watermelon protected by a cage, surrounded by a basil forest.  I made 2 more jars of pesto today for the freezer.
 Our new garden bed in the backyard.  It has a border of catmint to attract bees, and there are some lettuce, coriander, perpetual spinach and kale in there, all planted from heirloom seed.
 I'm having a go at growing sweet potato, looks like it's doing well
And we have a few butternut pumpkins coming along nicely.  After practically no rain since mid December, we had 12mls overnight and this morning, so the garden should perk up a bit.  Is this a taste of what's to come with a changing climate?  It just doesn't feel right does it?
I hope to get back to blogging a little more regularly, I've been adjusting to having one child at school and one at kinder these last few weeks.  That means that 3 days of the week I walk 12 plus kilometres a day walking back and forth (3 trips), and 8 plus kilometres a day on the other 2 days (2 trips as Liv has a longer kinder day on Fridays).  I shall be very fit by the end of the year (and probably exhausted!)

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