Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making homegrown pumpkin soup

I cut open a homegrown butternut pumpkin on the weekend, it was so bright orange inside.  The photos don't show the intensity of the colour.  We only got about 3 pumpkins off the vine, and this one was the best size, the other 2 are much smaller.  It didn't get much water over the summer, but I saved some rinse water buckets for the vine once it was setting fruit, because it was looking promising.  I think it's the first successful pumpkin growing season I've had, even though the yield was small.  I had better luck with a cold climate tolerant sweet potato, so I'll grow more of those next summer.


Anonymous said...

We got about 5 pumpkins off our vine, the largest being small enough to be hidden inside a normal sized cake. They did most of their growing once I left our slowly dripping hose hanging over the fence and dripping onto the pumpkin vine. Lesson learned here. :)
I am most interested to know what the cold tlerant sweet potato variety is and if you have one left I would be most keen to swap you something for it so I can grow slips from it for planting next year.

Alicia said...

Hi Rabid,

The variety is 'Beauregard', which I bought from Diggers, it would be interesting to see if it would grow in Ballan! I have a bunch of smaller ones that I kept and have put in a paper bag at the bottom of my pantry, I'm hoping that they will keep until it's time to plant out again. I'll devote more growing space to them this summer, as they produced so well on neglect! I was just going to plant them whole, how do you grow slips?