Saturday, November 23, 2013

November garden part 2

 Strawberries- I have finally found the secret to growing good strawberries- lots of water!  I've just bird netted them too, as I've lost a few nice big juicy ones that I thought just needed one more day to ripen.
 Last of the broad beans
 One of the sweet potatoes- I hope it's not too wet for them, we had even more rain overnight.
 Some of the driveway garden with red poppies in bloom
 Grape vines covered in baby grapes
 First of the garlic harvest
 The largest of our zucchini plants, with flowers.  Perhaps a stroke of genius that I planted a border of catmint along this bed.  Even though it takes up some productive growing space, it is covered in bees which will help with pollination of zucchini flowers.  And it looks pretty.
Boysenberries starting to colour up

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