Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello from England!

 Andrew and I have been in England since Monday, staying in Axminster, Devon.  We've just completed two days of cookery schools at River Cottage, Gluten Free cooking and Chocolate cookery skills.  Both were very interesting and we've come away with a lot of food!
 We took a few snaps of the garden that features on the TV show.

 The barn where one of the cookery schools was held- this is the one that burnt down a bit over a year ago.
 They also use it for functions, the work benches are portable, and can be wheeled out.

 Pudding, one of the River Cottage cats.  He sat by the door most of the time, and stood up and meowed every time someone walked past.  He likes a pat.
 New ducklings- they kept running back into their house when we got close to the fence
It's been a great experience, and we've learnt a lot.  Hope to update every now and then before we come home in a couple of weeks.

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Sharon said...

Oh wow you lucky duck what an amazing experience. Beautiful photos x