Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mid January garden

 Artichokes flowering- the bees love these
 A new garden bed- I've been layering up used chicken house straw, with rabbit poo, chopped up comfrey, banana skins, rock dust.  I've put in a border of comfrey (there are some comfrey roots buried in there that are yet to come up.  My salvia "bee's bliss" is in there, and in a few months, I'll plant an almond tree.  You can see the quality of the "grass" next to this bed, it's quite compacted and sandy.
 Golden delicious apples, only it's second summer.  I had to thin the fruit, as it was way too heavy for the poor tree.
 Sweet potatoes are starting to take off
 The pumpkins are also starting to take off
 The new beds are full of life

 Kiwi fruit plants are surviving, but they need a lot of soil improvement
 Cox's orange pipins getting quite big
 Driveway garden is progressing
 One of 10 (10!) avocados still on the tree.  I've put little drawstring organza bags on them to keep the beasties out, fingers crossed.  Andrew is very excited, he'd be happy with just one reaching maturity.
Part of the apricot harvest, halved, de-stoned and now in the freezer for my breakfast smoothies.  We've been lucky with rain this summer, things are surviving nicely.  I'm just hoping that February is not a scorcher!

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Sharon said...

Everything looks awesome. A little oasis happening in that vege garden. Love it x. Your apricots look beautiful. Mine got some sort of rust spot on the skin I will have to figure out how to get rid of it as they still tasted delicious once I could get the skin off x