Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Broody chickens

 I really thought I'd notice if this was going on.  I was a bit shocked to find this chicken sitting on 15 eggs, hidden under the pumpkin vines.  She's been escaping every day, which was annoying, I just thought she'd figured out how to get out, and so she kept repeating it because it was fun.  We've attempted to block the gap in the fencing, but she was determined.  One egg per day for 15 days.  Today was the day to start sitting on them, and that's how I found her, hadn't seen her since this morning.
Better do the float check on this lot!


Frogdancer said...

I did the float check.
I had 12 eggs. 3 (so far) have passed the float check and have been black inside. Do you want a graphic description of what a rotten egg smells like....?
(I didn't think so...)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Frogdancer. The smell of rotten egg is out of this world! I broke one inside the kitchen and despite cleaning it up, using heaps of oils and candles to mask the smell I could not cook dinner that night. VILE!
If you have eggs that float and a cat (I can't remember if you do or not) then the cats don't mind floating eggs (as long as they're not black). Waste not... :)

Alicia said...

Eek, no thanks rotten eggs! I've cracked a few and so far so good- I think they were laid one day after the next for 15 days, and we haven't had hot weather in that time. I'll be cautious cracking them though!