Tuesday, October 13, 2015


 I could hear a lot of bee activity a little while ago, and I have watched as the bees have become thick over the backyard.
 I hope they stay on our block!
 Andrew installed a new (empty) hive last weekend, so a swarm would hopefully find it.  Fingers crossed!

Olive trees dripping with bees


Anonymous said...

Lucky you - my swarms usually take off to who knows where never to be seen again. Presumably it was a swarm from your own hive(s)? Did they coalesce into one body? and were you able to catch them? I'm looking forward to the follow-up.

Alicia said...

Hi David,

Yes, it was a swarm from my rooftop hive. I have just boxed up the swarm without too many dramas and will hive them later this evening. They had formed a single cluster, and being low down on the olive tree branch, took little effort to get into the box. Bees are unexpectedly heavy, though!

Alicia has taken photos and no doubt will post a follow up.

Andrew (stealing Alicia's identity)