Thursday, October 15, 2015

Swarming part 2

 This is the final cluster before Andrew was able to come home and catch it before they took off.
 Capturing the swarm

 These were rehomed to a lady who lives around the corner, and are doing well so far.  We had another swarm yesterday, so we had to borrow an empty hive, but this lot don't seem too happy right now.  Fingers crossed they settle down.


Anonymous said...

I so admire you keeping bees in a suburban setting and how lovely to share your swarm too. Did you do a course on bee keeping?

Alicia said...

Andrew is the bee man in this family, he did a course last spring, and we got bees last December. I may have to get a bee suit though, all this swarming happened while Andrew was at work, and while I didn't want to wack them into a box myself, a second person may have been handy as an assistant ;)

Anonymous said...

I just got back to looking at episode 2 of your swarm catching adventure and was pleased to see all went well. A few months ago I made a powerpoint on swarms and swarm control including the artificial swarm and hiving the swarm on the original site. You might find it interesting and possibly useful for next year when they start preparations for swarming but I can't attach it here and I can't find your email address. How can I get it to you?