Sunday, March 8, 2009

More garden progress

We had some mulch delivered yesterday, and Andrew has spent late yesterday afternoon and some of today spreading it, with a little of my help and some more help from his dad. He also started oiling the new screens.
The mulch pile. I love this mulch, it's called leaf litter, and I think the garden supply place just buys it from tree loppers. It looks nice and natural, like a forest floor, and smells pretty good too.
I think it will look great when the plants grow, I still need to add more, but I need to leave a path for a rain water tank to be rolled in.
I think a bird bath would be nice too, hopefully we'll attract some native birds rather than the pest birds we have now.

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Anne said...

I got some mulch a while back and after a while with a bit of rain I had orange mushrooms growing out of it.