Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random stuff...

Custom Easter outfit number 2 (sorry, bad lighting, it's dull here today) The brief was a purple skirt in a winter weight fabric for a 3 year old girl. Purple can be a tricky colour to find, very few choices.

Here's a photo of our backyard last night after it had been raining (look, puddles!) This shows the screens my dad built on the weekend with a little help from me. The grass might green up now we've had some rain, we've had the driest summer on record I think. I've started to dig out a garden bed next to the garage, where I've planted a row of olive trees as a screen. I need to think of something small to plant in front of them as a border- dwarf lavenders, grasses, or something else?
This is what happens when you leave Evie to her watercolour painting to pull muffins out of the oven. She even painted the soles of her feet.

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Nicole Spring said...

you inspire me to takea break from knitting and sew!! <3