Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evie's birthday at Collingwood Children's Farm

It's Evie's 3rd birthday tomorrow, so we went to Collingwood Children's Farm today, for a birthday outing. The land is called St Heliers, and there is an old convent on site that dates back nearly 150 years. There are community gardens and farmers markets there these days, and the convent houses Sophia Mundi Steiner school, a cafe and various artists spaces. A great day was had by all, here's Evie with the silkie bantams.
Livinia in the Beco carrier
Feeding a goat
Feeding a guinea pig
One of the resident cats who keep the rodent population down
Lunch time with a cupcake
Mavis the pig with her 6 piglets
The convent
Feeding another goat
In the stables


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Evie..:)

You asked about the birthday spiral. I got ours a few months ago. I set it up on the night before my child's birthday once the children have gone to sleep, and left it there for the following day.

I'm hoping to set it up again for the countdown to Christmas.

The spiral was bigger than it looked on the computer on line. We blue-tacked it onto the table because little Lou wanted to play with it.

Sorry for taking so long to reply to your question. Hope this helps.

Melissa Ellen said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time at the farm - my girls would go to the farm every week if we had the time! Happy Birthday to your little one. I'm going to blog about ideas for using spirals for birthday and Christmas soon on my Story Tree blog if you want to stop by.