Monday, June 29, 2009


It's Evie's 3rd birthday today! Here's her birthday spiral

Meeting her Bamboletta doll, Hannah
Cash register
Felt bracelet from Livinia
Construction vehicles from Aunty Bron, Uncle Grant, Kate & Jenna (thanks guys!), Livinia likes them too.

Hannah ready for a ride in the pusher

More pics later I think :)


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Evie!!

Daisy is getting her bamboletta doll for her 3rd bday in september... I feel a bit bad that she is still packed away in the box that she arrived in, way up the top of the wardrobe... but cam assures me that she is 'de-activated'. Ha!

Looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful day : )

Alicia said...

Hehe, Evie's Bamboletta has been in my camphor wood chest (gift hiding spot!) for over a year now, just waiting patiently :)