Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pants to Poverty

While I think we need to donate money to charities in times of crisis, I also think we need to think about where our dollars go when we make purchases. People in developing countries are often taken advantage of, to provide cheap labour for richer countries, we all know that. By supporting businesses like Pants to Poverty (and Eternal Creation who I mentioned a few weeks ago), we can give people in developing countries a job that pays them fairly, with good conditions, that doesn't endanger their health. Pants to Poverty began as part of the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005. They make underpants for men and women from fairly traded organic cotton, in factories with high ethical standards.

From the Pants to Poverty website:

"Infested with pesticides, these bad pants support a system that, according to the World Health Organization, lets over 20,000 farmers die and millions more suffer chronic diseases each year from pesticide poisoning. Many of these deaths are very preventable and could be overcome by the actions of the communities if they were supported with Fairtrade and organic farming methods."

An average of 26 farmers per day commit suicide in the nearby region due to unfair trade, yet there have been no suicides amongst the 5,000 farmers who work for Zameen organics, who supply Pants to Poverty with organic cotton.

To find out more and purchase, go to the Pants to Poverty website.

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