Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Evie's eco pants

I didn't have to do much to get Evie to model her new capri pants ready for spring and summer, even though it's freezing outside! I wanted a pair of denim long shorts/capris for her, as a staple for her summer wardrobe (very organised, I know!) I tried to upcycle some from an op shop, but they ended up a bit pouchy in the front, and I wasn't happy with them. So I got out the indigo hemp/cotton denim scraps left from the little dresses I've been making for Ecofest, and found I had just enough for this project. I think they are pretty cute, like little bloomers.


Bec said...

I like your new badge/button.
did you see their school bus (bike trailer)? might come in handy for kinda run next year!

Alicia said...

Thanks Bec :)

My new button is in an odd spot, have to change that, but yes, love the bike trailer school bus :)

Tommy said...

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