Monday, October 11, 2010

Awesome Ecofest!

Just a quick post to say that Ecofest was a resounding success, with attendance far exceeding our expectations! Everything ran very smoothly, with a great buzz, everyone was asking when we were doing it again! We all put in a lot of effort, so it's not something we want to do all the time, but we may be able to run the market every 6 months or so. Bec and I did very well with our market stall, looks like we may have the market bug now :) The only down side was that Andrew's digital SLR is missing, presumed stolen, thus we have no photos to share :( We should have some on the blog soon from other cameras around on the day. Not sure of the grand total of $ raised, but we should be able to buy at least one water tank, which was part of the aim of the day. The other aim, to strengthen community ties was certainly achieved. Yay for us, well done and thank-you to everyone involved.

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softearthart said...

Oh that is great that you did well, you may well have caught the fair/market bug. cheers Marie