Friday, February 4, 2011


It's been a hot week here, now we're having a thunder storm, and it's bucketing down with rain, inside activities have been called for this week. We've been playing around with making doll dresses and skirts. Hannah above has a new cherry dress, I drafted a pattern yesterday. Very fiddly around the arm holes!
Sparrow has a new mermaid dress
And my chest of drawers has a new runner, made from Lara Cameron's ginkgo print in green, from Habitat Textiles, thanks Amber! And I'm showing off my 'new' jewellery box, it's an essential oil box my Pa made for me when I was in my late teens out of walnut wood. It took him ages, as he figured out the dovetail joins. I wasn't using it much as an oil box anymore as I buy bigger sizes bottles these days for massage and soap making, and the jewellery box I had just wasn't doing it for me anymore. So voila, a freshen up of my dressing table, with some handcrafted items.

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