Friday, September 23, 2011

Ceres environment park & Collingwood Children's Farm

Today we went up to Ceres environment park and Collingwood children's farm- Andrew is on 2 weeks annual leave (yay- he's been travelling so much lately!), and we thought we'd beat the school holiday crowds, as today is the last day of term 3 in Victoria. It's been at least 6 years since we went to Ceres (pre kids), and it has changed a bit. The nursery has moved, and there is a dedicated area for farmers markets, which has become a bit of a movement in that time. There's also some new buildings including a restaurant with local organic food. There's lots of alternative energy sources around the site too.
Can't get enough of those chickens
Earthship lookin' cool cubby house

Goats & kids (Collingwood Children's Farm)
Maggie, the cat without ears
Another cat- Toki
Evie with Ginze the guinea pig
Liv with Trogdor the guinea pig

another cat- Evie says she wants a cat farm when she grows up


Wes said...

Trogdor — best name for a guinea pig ever.

Alicia said...

Thought you guys might like that :) Burnanating the countryside...