Friday, September 9, 2011

Spring garden

Rainbow chard, coriander, lettuce, strawberries. Will be making guacamole tomorrow with the coriander, and some limes given to us. Can't wait!
Rainbow chard, garlic, leeks, lettuce, chives, oregano, nasturtiums, avocado tree, dwarf apple & pear trees.
Raspberries, passionfruit behind. Everything looks better with a fresh layer of mulch.
Rainbow chard, strawberries, lettuce, coriander, sweetpeas.
I'm finding a bit more time to get out into the garden these days (when I'm not sewing!), and the kids are enjoying getting out there with me. We planted some more lettuce today, to replace a few that got eaten by wee beasties, and to provide a succession of plants. We also planted some sunflower seeds, but into punnets to keep inside on the laundry windowsill- a bit warmer and protected at this time of year. They usually get eaten as soon as they push through the soil, or blow over in the windy weather. Might plant them in the front yard this year. I also squeezed the juice from 5 small oranges today to make a small glass of orange juice- sooo good!

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