Friday, April 12, 2013

Op shop haul

 We had a good day of op shopping in town yesterday.  Looks like a children's clothing shop went out of business or got rid of a lot of stock to the Salvos in Ryrie St Geelong.  We picked up Metalicus leggings for $3 a pair (the orange ones Evie is wearing are tagged size 10-12, but are smaller than some others she wears.)  The dress Evie is wearing is not from the op shop, it's from Winter Water Factory.
 Metalicus white t-shirt size 8-10 ($5), and a little dress for Liv.
Metalicus navy marle top size 8-10 ($5) and navy stripey leggings.  All perfect for next year.  So local girls, it's worth a look, they also had Gaia organic babywear, Aunty Ollie shirts for boys (small sizes), some more bigger sized Metalicus leggings, and lots of baby shoes.  First rack to the right once you go up the ramp, and a table nearby had all the goods :)

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