Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April snippets

 Can't believe it's been a whole month since I last posted!  Now that it's school holidays, I can have a think about what I've been doing apart from going back and forth between school, kinder and home.  I've been making a few winter inspired upcycled garments such as the flannelette nightie above.
 Picking big sweet juicy apples from our big apple tree.
 The Easter weekend's efforts- spreading manure over a big patch of our back lawn.  It had lots of patches of no grass, and very sandy soil, so it was time for repair.  I'd love a chook tractor at some point, so this is "pasture", not lawn.  It's pretty stinky at the moment.  Most of our garden got a manure treatment too.

 A trip to the Garden of St Erth on Monday (and lunch at Red Beard in Trentham) resulted in a new dwarf golden delicious apple tree, 2 female kiwi vines (the one we planted in spring didn't make it through summer), and a few packets of seed and garlic.  All our garlic is now in the garden.
Broad beans (crimson flowered) and snow peas popping up in the teepee.

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