Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring in the garden

 Spring has well and truly sprung, with the last week of winter feeling very spring like.  I don't think I've photographed the front garden from this angle before, I'm enjoying the daffodils, calendulas and thyme bushes in the driveway garden.
 I've started mulching the garden beds with sugar cane mulch, I always think the garden looks better with some fresh mulch.
 A new apricot tree went in last weekend- my Dad rescued it from a skip bin at work, a bare rooted one in a bag.  Some leaves have started to open up, so it looks healthy so far.
 My berry patch, things are happening.
 Here's a couple of raspberry canes starting to get some leaves.  My friend Bec gave me these after I drowned mine last year.  I gave her some canes a few years ago. 
My golden raspberry in the middle- I saw this at a nursery, and thought it might be fun to grow.  I have planted perpetual spinach, and alpine strawberries as a border.


Sharon said...

It looking good, and yes it always look better with fresh mulch, Ive just started mulching mine I will finish it this weekend hopefully

Anonymous said...

Spring has truly started with a bang hasn't it? Your garden looks lovely and I always love seeing the blossoms out. My kiwi fruit, that have looked like dead sticks since I planted them are now throwing out leaves like no tomorrow. I have Erlicheer jonquils out by the dozens and my peach tree has thrown out a leaf or two as well. Still awaiting blossoms but with frost forecast for the next 3 days at least I'm glad we've not seen the fruit flowers as yet.
I am thinking to get a couple of the diggers gold raspberries to put in today actually. I've got room for 2. :) I have 8 others in, 2 of each of the Diggers varieties. I can't wait to see if we get some berries from the Autumn bliss this year - it's a primo cane so fruits of 1 year ld canes. :)

Frogdancer said...

I was re-reading some old posts by Gavin because I'm planning garden beds out the front and more in the back garden and I saw your comment.
Popped over here, saw your home page and didn't need to read any more. Zapped you onto my Feedly! You're my type of person!!