Saturday, January 4, 2014

Early January garden

 The garden is producing well at the moment, luckily, we've only had one extremely hot day at a time, rather than a heatwave so far, so the garden has recovered pretty well after a hot day.  We've even had some rain this week, so I've confident enough to plant the next round of carrots, some leeks, and some cosmos (to attract beneficial insects) in the beds that the potatoes came out of.
 The biggest pumpkin so far.

 Cucumbers making their way up the teepee
 Leeks up one end, cosmos up the other
 The backyard in full bloom, attracting lots of Honeyeaters
 More rambling pumpkins
Pumpkins taking over, with some watermelon and sweet potatoes in the foreground


Sharon said...

Oh wow you must be so pleased the garden is looking fabulous x

Alicia said...

Thanks Sharon, yes I do like looking out of my bedroom window, the view is much nicer these days!